Artwork Proofing & Approval

Accelerate reviews, increase accountability, protect your brands

At any point in time marketing and production teams are spending vast amounts of time managing dozens or hundreds of jobs for creating graphical artwork and other media like packaging, brochures, forms, advertising, posters and point-of-sale material.

Typically managed with spreadsheets and emails to dozens of clients, reviewers, agencies and printers, it’s easy to lose track of multiple versions. Inefficiencies, errors and delays drive up costs through increasing fix-ups and last minute rush-jobs. Meanwhile the risk of releasing packaging or marketing materials in to the market with errors can have huge legal implications and potentially cost millions.

Online Artwork Proofing and Approval

Leading marketing organisations eliminate these issues by leveraging online technologies to streamline and coordinate the artwork proofing and approval process. A centralised automated workflow notifies all reviewers automatically when artwork requires review, and all comments and mark-ups are captured on one centrally-held version of the file. The workflow automatically manages the progression of jobs through approval stages with automated notifications, reminders and task lists. Job managers select who needs to review artwork according to their role, and the workflow presents individuals with a set of review questions only relevant to their function and responsibility.

iApproveit’s solution for artwork proofing and approval combines an advanced automated workflow engine with online virtual proofing tools and a centralised library of digital assets and job information. Clients have achieved up to 80% reductions in review and approval time, reduced the number of revision rounds by 75%, and achieved 100% accountability and compliance.

Designed to meet the needs of large enterprise marketing organizations and their creative and production agencies, the iApproveit services are tailored to match your business processes. iApproveit Enterprise Brand Asset Management solutions deliver enterprise-grade capability for highly valuable brands like Nestle, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin, Pepsi, Lion Nathan, Panasonic, 3M and other household brands.

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