Enterprise Brand Asset Management

Accelerate speed-to-market, protect your brands from risk, and reduce marketing cycle time

Managing brands and all of their assets can be challenging. Thousands of pieces of content and artwork, hundreds and thousands of users, dozens of creative and production agencies, and all of this needs to be managed consistently and precisely.

Whether it’s product packaging, marketing collateral or other branded materials, the process of creating, approving and distributing brand assets can be time consuming, complex and expensive; multiple authors, designers, and stakeholders who need to manage versions and review and approve artwork.  With proofs and emails circulating around there’s plenty of inefficiency and opportunity for errors.

Add legal and compliance requirements, and you’ve got millions of dollars of marketing assets carrying potentially millions of dollars in risk.


Take control of your marketing assets and drive marketing efficiency with Enterprise Brand Asset Management

iApproveit’s Enterprise Brand Asset Management solutions provide complete control over brand assets with automated, streamlined marketing processes and a centralized library of digital assets.

iApproveit services are based on a simple concept; use the internet to let everyone securely work together on marketing material with one central system, from anywhere at anytime, under your complete control. From job creation, design, review and approval, through to storage and production, iApproveit’s Marketing Workflow Management solutions offer fantastic rewards in cost control, time efficiency and risk management.

Designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and their creative and production agencies, the iApproveit solution is tailored to work the way your marketing organisation works.

With customised iApproveit solutions, large organisations have streamlined marketing processes, eliminated bottlenecks and seen time to market improve by more than 20%.  Easy to use proofing tools and automated workflows have cut our clients’ approval times by up to 80%, and realised massive reductions in agency costs.


Enterprise Brand Asset Management from iApproveit combines the following solutions:

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