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Assetix - Digital Asset Management

Assetix, part of the iApproveIt brand, is a modern, online digital asset management system designed to radically improve the way you use and control your digital brand assets.

With a focus on finding and controlling access to your artwork, not just storing it, the system has been developed around the way marketing teams work.

Assetix is about instant collaboration with others, no matter where they are, without sending big electronic files around or waiting for couriers. It's about fewer mistakes being made by having access to the latest version of an asset. It's about making sure your ever-growing digital assets are securely yours, always. But most of all, Assetix is about creating time for people to do more valuable and interesting work.

What does Assetix offer?

Don't stress about finding artwork, ever again
  • Sophisticated searching capability.
  • Linking assets to relevant campaigns, jobs, tasks.
  • Creates thumbnails automatically - no need to open the file to see what it is.

Re-use and re-purpose - cut cost and turn around time
  • Derive assets from existing ones.
  • Use assets multiple times.
  • Cross platform environment - MAC, PC, UNIX.
  • Any sort of digital file: Native art, TVC, Radio Ads, photos, logos.

Use and securely share - make collaboration easy
  • Grant or restrict access to users locally or globally.
  • Everyone can access the most up-to-date item.
  • Powerful version control.
  • Image licensing control.

Easy to use & implement - intuitive, simple interface
  • No software to install, maintain or support.
  • Access via any computer with an internet browser and connection.

Works the way you work - reflecting working habits of marketing teams
  • Assets organised to reflect your organisational structure - divisions, groups, categories and more.
  • Brand focused - associating assets with brands.
  • No transition issues, get started quickly.

Clear audit trail
  • Ensure compliance by documenting every transaction.
  • Reports on location, version, use, access of all your brand assets.

Easy to use & implement - intuitive, simple interface
  • A hosted service; no software to install, maintain or support.
  • PC and MAC compliant.
  • Access via any computer with an internet browser and connection.

Robust and secure
  • Hosted, managed and supported in Australia.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Fully managed and maintained, 24x7x365.
  • Use of industry leading technology from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco and Kodak.
  • Information encrypted and protected using latest technologies.
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