Consumer Services

Enterprise Brand Asset Management for Consumer Services

Most markets for Consumer Services evolve at a rapid rate, and the challenge for marketing organisations is to stay one-step ahead with innovative campaigns and offers.

To stay in front organisations need to accelerate marketing productivity to get brand assets into market as quickly as possible. However, preserving brand integrity and gaining authorisation of offers can require review and approval by multiple stakeholders.

To avoid delays and streamline processes, industry-leading organisations are leveraging Brand Asset Management solutions to protect their brands while making marketing assets more readily available to internal and external stakeholders.

Automated workflows & asset management drive efficiency

iApproveit’s hosted software service provides an automated solution for managing creative marketing processes and centrally managing the storage, distribution and compliance of tangible brand assets, such as marketing collateral, brand artwork, packaging, POS material, logos, advertising, brochures, forms and documents.

Our unique experience in creating solutions for consumer services organisations allows us to tailor an implementation that will reflect your business structure and processes, while incorporating world’s best practices in marketing automation and workflow.

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