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SmartProof Online Virtual Proofing

Collaborative online proofing saves time and eliminates errors

When artwork requires review and approval by multiple people, the process can easily become inefficient and fraught with errors. With artwork distributed as email attachments, the process of collecting comments and corrections by phone and email can become complex and time consuming. It can be easy to overlook key corrections, not to mention how confusing version control can become when the artwork is updated and distributed repeatedly to many reviewers.

With iApproveit’s SmartProof Online Virtual Proofing solution, everyone collaboratively reviews a single centrally-stored artwork file from the convenience of their web browser. The SmartProof client provides all the convenience of reviewing a hard-proof with the added advantages of comparing and highlighting differences between versions, and capturing markups and sign offs in the one location where they are immediately visible to everyone.

Other advanced tools support advanced colour management, prepress configuration and monitor calibration.

SmartProof seamlessy integrates with iApproveit’s JobFlow system to automatically capture and action markups as part of marketing workflows, enabling more rapid and efficient approvals for faster speed to market.

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